Judge Giordano has demonstrated his commitment to legal and judicial ethics as a member of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Orphans’ Court Procedural Rules Committee and Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges. Because of his broad experience as a practicing attorney, proven record of judicial leadership, high ethical standards and dedication to the legal profession, the commission is confident that the candidate would serve with distinction as a Superior Court judge and highly recommends his candidacy. – PA Bar Association

Judge Emil Giordano, endorsed Republican Superior Court candidate, has received a “Highly Recommended” rating from the Pennsylvania Bar Association and has earned the endorsements of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State Troopers Association and countless organizations and individuals across the Commonwealth.

For the past thirteen years, Emil Giordano has served as a Judge on the Court of Common Pleas in Northampton County. As an attorney, he was an Assistant District Attorney, a Public Defender as well as a defense attorney, represented both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury, contracts and land use litigation. Further, as an advocate, he appeared before numerous governmental agencies and represented individual plaintiffs in lawsuits against the Commonwealth. He also enjoyed a substantial workers’ compensation law practice, representing both claimants and defendants. As a Court of Common Pleas Judge, he was head of the Domestic Relations Section as well as the Orphans’ Court Section of Northampton County. Recently, Judge Giordano was appointed by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to the Orphans’ Court Procedural Rules Committee.

On Primary Election Day, Tuesday, MAY 16, 2017 Vote Giordano for Judge


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